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We are Europe's largest wholesaler of bubble tea making products. We source our goods directly from Taiwan, the country of origin of bubble tea. We cover the full range of products to help you successfully run your bubble tea business. 

You can order tapiocas, bobas, jelly, syrup and much more from us with the highest quality.


BoboQ4T is our professional private label for your bubble tea recipes. We have refined and professionalized the ingredients contained in several years of research in cooperation with our manufacturers in Taiwan. Our products meet the highest European standards and have all been checked and approved by external food inspectors.

What is bubble tea?

BoBoQ spreads not only multicultural flair but also the Taiwanese bubble tea
Spirit. Fragrant tea leaves combined with western coffee culture make it one
Recipe for success that finds friends all over the world. As a brand, BoBoQ stands for quality and high-quality bubble tea. 

In the 1990s, the idea of freshly brewed tea and fruit syrup arose in Taiwan
Add tapioca pearls. Since then, countless new tea creations have been created and so on
developed bubble tea enjoys increasing popularity. He has one now
Fan community in almost all parts of the world and now also in this country. 

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With BoboQ as your partner, you can offer your customers maximum bubble tea enjoyment. Here is a small selection of our products