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The BOBOq Story

Authentic, versatile and above all delicious. BoBoQ was one of the first to bring its bubble tea to Germany. The goal is to bring the original Taiwanese drink closer to a wider audience as a piece of culture.

For BoBoQ, when it comes to bubble tea, quality and high-quality ingredients are clearly the top priority. So that the innovative tea creations can also be prepared in an authentic way in Germany, BoBoQ offers its customers products from original Taiwanese production. The company has close ties to qualified producers in Taiwan and has a large selection of ingredients for making bubble tea. In the country of origin of bubble tea Taiwan, which itself has a long tea tradition, it is now much more than just a drink. Bubble tea has become a daily pleasure for everyone and it is our goal to provide excellent products in Germany and Europe and to make the original Taiwanese drink accessible to a wider audience.


The beginnings

BoBoQ is a company founded in Germany with Taiwanese roots. As early as 2005, the company's founder, Mr. Lai, began traveling to his native Taiwan to learn as much as possible about the preparation of bubble tea. There he also visited local tea gardens and manufacturers of bubble tea ingredients and carefully selected partners for his big plan: to make bubble tea known in his adopted home Germany.

He was one of the first with this idea and success was not long in coming. But before that, some logistical problems had to be solved first, because at that time it was anything but easy to get bubble tea ingredients in Europe. In order to enable the preparation of authentic bubble teas, BoBoQ therefore started to import its ingredients directly from Taiwan, the place of origin of the delicious snack drink. After BoBoQ was founded in 2009, the company quickly became one of the most important retailers for bubble tea raw materials in Europe and the first bubble tea shops that opened were a complete success.

At that time, the cult drink was still a total novelty on German streets. The company grew quickly and stores were opened in several locations in Germany and in some neighboring countries.

persevere in difficult times

When bubble teas were more popular than ever, especially among young people, in the summer of 2012, the technical university in Aachen, without the intention of obtaining scientifically sound data, tested some new measurement methods on bubble tea and a newspaper subsequently published an article about them toxins allegedly contained.

Several scientific laboratory investigations, including one by the Ministry of Consumer Protection, have therefore carried out investigations in which, however, neither carcinogenic nor otherwise harmful substances could be detected in bubble tea.

However, it was too late for the bubble tea's image. Many media had already picked up the news and passed it on without research. Some of this fake news is still anchored in the minds of many people today.

This time was a very difficult time for all bubble tea fans and especially for the shops that had opened everywhere. BoBoQ also had to close many shops at the time. Behind every small shop there is also its own story and people who have put their heart and soul into it. In the end, the founder Mr. Lai, his employees, business partners and shopkeepers showed perseverance and passed the acid test.


quality right from the start

This is not least due to our products and our loyal customers. Many now know that bubble tea is as healthy as the ingredients used to make it. Classic milk tea in a good tea shop consists of the natural basic ingredients: black tea, tapioca pearls and fresh milk and you can even determine the amount of sugar yourself. Green and black tea also contain numerous health-promoting ingredients such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

In recent years, the image and the bubble tea business have recovered somewhat. Although there is now more competition, BoBoQ is still one of the most important players when it comes to bubble tea and many can still remember their first bubble tea at BoBoQ. This is not least due to the quality of the ingredients and of course the delicious, authentic BoBoQ taste.